We have already written here about the ideal glasses for each type of face and left some simple rules to follow when choosing the ideal glasses.

Today we will focus on female round faces and the most advisable types of frames for those who have a face with this shape.

Before choosing your glasses you should first determine the shape of your face. Having a rounded shape, i.e. with a width and height practically of the same size, with rounded jaw lines and poorly defined angles, you should prefer glasses that are wider than their height and models with solid frames made of materials such as acetate. On the other hand, avoid wearing too thin frames, round lenses and glasses that cover your eyebrows excessively. 

Square glasses

On a face with poorly defined angles, the easiest way to balance your appearance is to use glasses that add well-defined angles. 
In addition, the square glasses, give a touch of sophistication, elegance and glamour.

Kurk | Miami

Cat Eye Glasses

We repeat the rule mentioned above. Face with few angles, they ask for glasses with sharp angles. First of all, we stress that these are still the favourite glasses of the famous ones. They are irreverent, they are different and remain in anyone's memory. They have sharp corners that remind us of feline eyes. They were created with the purpose of highlighting female sensuality, which makes them perfect for valuing a woman's face.

Kurk | Ibiza

Aviator Glasses

Inspired by the sunglasses worn by American Air Force pilots in the 1930s, which protected them from intense glares, this model is perfect for round faces. Its angles well disguise the sharpest curves. It is a model that can be used in almost every occasion due to its popularity and for combining well with different styles.

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