When it's time to buy sunglasses, we decide what colour we want, the shape of the lenses, the frame we like best, the brand, but do most people think about what kind of lens they'll get?

We have already talked about the different degrees of UV protection and the different types of lenses, which included, among others, polarized lenses. Polarized lenses work thanks to a physical phenomenon that gives them their name, polarization. Polarization is nothing more than the redirection of scattered light waves. In practice, what happens is the application of a layer, consisting of molecules capable of "moving" in such a way as to block solar rays with a horizontal direction. For the wearer of glasses with these polarized films, the glare caused by reflections and high intensity lights is almost zero.

There is a menu of reasons beyond the protection against reflections, to opt for polarized lenses instead of others. They increase image sharpness, increase contrast (especially advantageous for outdoor sports) and offer maximum protection against UVA and UVB rays.

Want to test for yourselves the difference between ordinary lenses and polarized lenses? Then do this test. Start driving in the late afternoon with the polarized sunglasses on. Exchange for a pair of non-polarized glasses. You'll literally see with your eyes the difference between one and the other.

The dimension of visual comfort is not the only one at play when it comes to polarized lenses. We mentioned earlier that the contrast offered by this technology is ideal for those who practice outdoor sports. This has an impact on the safety of these sportsmen and women. A cyclist, for example, can more easily and timely identify dangers to his physical integrity. There is also the preventive dimension, as UV protection is very effective and the amount of light that the polarised film blocks is immense.

If you want to know all the models that Kurk Sunglasses offers with polarized lenses, click here.

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