Male sunglasses for 2020, they bring a lot of boldness. Elegant frames and classic designs reinvented. This year brings many aviator models, round, sporty lenses with lots of color.

Discover the best male sunglasses for 2020!


A frame that spans decades. It is reproduced with different color and material variations every year by the largest brands of sunglasses. They are always a basic element for any man with style. The design of this frame is perfect for classic and formal styles, but it also marries very well with everyday sports styles.



Like the aviator model, the Wayfarer frame is timeless. This frame is between the classic, when it uses more neutral tones, and the casual when it bets on lively tones or more contemporary details. Accepted by pop culture since the 1950's, it is another model reinvented by the industry. These glasses with an urban and modern design, present a square frame and thick idea for men with style. Be it a classic, modern or casual style.

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Round glasses

Two words define glasses with round lenses: vintage and striking. If you're a man who likes to be in fashion, these are your glasses.

The round metal eyeglass frames, come from the 70's and just like the previous ones were able to tear the barrier of time.

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Double bridge

With frames made of acetate or metal, these models are defined by a bar placed above the lenses. It is a piece that portrays and represents the lifestyle of the New Yorkers of the 1920s.

Although we are talking about male spectacles, double-bridge glasses are extremely popular with women too. They can range from a more classic and daring style, and in vibrant shades with mirrored lenses add a stripped down touch to the look.

By 2020 the frames of the double-bridge glasses are creative and with varied geometric shapes so they can be combined with different types of faces.

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Since the early 200's this frame has been gaining space in the fashion scene due to its great versatility, which allows it to be combined with any look on any occasion.

With a thick upper frame, and a thin metal frame in the lower area, this frame can be found as sunglasses or graduated glasses.

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The mirrored lenses give a certain mystery to those who use them, besides adding modernity and some class. Regardless of the shape of the frame, they are accessories that deserve the investment, as they move easily between formal and informal occasions.

Choose a model with shapes that balance your face and we guarantee you will have sunglasses for many years.

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