First, when choosing your sunglasses you must have two questions in mind: Do the glasses fit your face? Is the frame comfortable? 

Although these are important questions, don't think that the shape of your face is a secondary factor in this choice process. With this in mind, today we will help those with square faces.

The right choice, as far as the frame is concerned, is fundamental to bring out the best in your face. To do this, we have to follow steps that we have mentioned before. Find out what our face shape is in the first place, and then create some contrast through the shapes of the sunglasses chosen. In this case, the best frames for a square face will be those with a round or oval shape.

Round frame

As mentioned above, for those with a square face, the glasses with a round frame are an excellent choice, as they help soften the marked features of your face. An extra care you should take is to choose a frame that does not cover your eyebrows.

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Oval glasses

In the same way that round glasses help to sway the lines of the face, oval frames also smooth out the lines on a square face, while giving width to the eye area.

Medium sized frames 

Another suggestion we have for you concerns the size of the frame. The advice is simple. Don't push it! Don't opt for a too small frame, or a too big frame. A medium-size frame is perfect for valuing the traits on your face.

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Retro Models

As a general rule, glasses with a more classic shape are more rounded. So you can opt for a cat's eye, which is not stretched too far at the ends. This frame gives you a classic look with a lot of style. Another suggestion are the Teashade models, or John Lenon model.

Aviator glasses

The truth is, this frame matches almost every face shape. In the case of square faces, these sunglasses help soften the chin lines. 

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