The benefits of mirror lenses, like all others, depend greatly on the color of the lens. But regardless of those factors, the fact remains that mirrored lenses reveal a wide range of benefits for you to wear them.

One of these benefits is the good visibility that mirror lenses have when there is a reduction in light (such as in the evening). They also present a great contrast between images. Especially yellow mirror lenses.

There is another curious feature of mirror lenses. Those who spend many hours in front of a computer can think about wearing blue lens mirrored sunglasses. Why? Well, because these types of lenses help minimize the shades of yellow and red. These two shades of your screen can be extremely tiring for your eyes.

Mirrored lenses contribute to a decrease in eye fatigue. Pink lenses are particularly effective for this purpose. If, on the other hand, you spend a lot of time on the beach, the best option to take for the colour of your mirror lenses is green. Mirrored lenses of this colour are the most effective for protection against UV rays. In fact, mirrored lenses, regardless of colour, are great for UVA and UVB protection.

If you want to buy mirrored sunglasses and are short-sighted, then brown lenses are the best choice. They are ideal for those suffering from this problem, as they improve perception and increase contrast. In turn, grey mirrored lenses are very effective for those with hypertrophy, (or difficulty in seeing up close) since the distortion of images is minimized.


Mirrored lenses are very much associated with a sports dimension. This makes them a strong trend for this summer 2020. But the choice of your glasses, for your stay at the beach should above all be guided by the needs of visual comfort. Do not neglect, however, the harmony between the accessory and the rest of the look. Want a practical example? Do you think a suit will look good with mirrored glasses? We'll help. No. Mirrored models are not the most suitable for formal occasions, but are perfect for more relaxed looks.

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