An established truth about fashion is that, what is a trend today, tomorrow is already history. But in the case of sunglasses there is a certain consistency over time.

A clear example of this consistency are the double bridge glasses. This frame is a phenomenon that has overcome the wear and tear of time since the 1930s, when aviator models became famous all over the world, after the pilots of warplanes started using them as protection for their eyes. Since then, double bridge models have remained indispensable accessories for many people. Pop culture has also played its part in maintaining these frames throughout the seasons. Film phenomena like Top Gun, Jaws or Cobra have cemented the connotations of this glasses format to an image of respect, style and authority.

The double bridge models are still manufactured, mostly in metal, but there are models in different materials such as acetate or plastic. Of course, the glasses adapt to different fashion trends, but their strength, durability and a certain mystical aura that surrounds the models has been maintained.

What does double bridge mean, anyway? It is important to know the different parts that make up all the glasses, the rods, the lenses and the bridge. The bridge is the element between the two lenses that unites them and keeps the glasses fixed on the wearer's nose. It is usually made of the same material as the rest of the frame, although there are models where this is not the case. There are single bridges and double bridges. What distinguishes one from the other is quite intuitive, a single bridge consists of a single piece and a double bridge consists of two vertically overlapping pieces.

Single bridge and double bridge

An important detail when choosing our sunglasses is precisely the size of the bridge of our glasses. Generally, the sunglasses have the measurements of the pieces that make them up in the following order, rim size, bridge size and finally the size of the stems.


Although aviator models are the most recalled double bridge goggles, they are not the only ones. The aviators are more present in the collective memory, because they were the precursors of the double bridge frame, but today there are models with many different shapes.

Boston Model 

Our Boston model, is ideal for round faces. Its "square" lenses, connected by the double bridge, help to balance the circular shape of the face with the straightest angles of the glasses. They have maximum UV protection and are available in two colors.


Miami Model

It is also a model of double bridge and lenses with straight angles. The Miami glasses have polarized CT (cellulose triacetate) lenses, being perfect for those who seek to reduce glare when wearing sunglasses. With maximum UV protection and available in three colors.


Évora Model

Handmade in Portugal, Évora glasses are made of vegetable acetate and have polycarbonate lenses. The materials used in their manufacture give them an odd lightness and a strong resistance. With maximum UV protection and available in 2 colours. 


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