For a sportsman, the glasses he wears in sports should be just as important as the glasses he wears in his daily life. It is important to choose the material you use in your sports activity in an informed and thoughtful way, because the equipment you use can complete, and even improve, the sports performance of the user.

If you have practiced any sport you have certainly noticed the difference in the way you use your vision while practicing that activity and when you practice other activities than sports. Sunglasses are an important complement to different sports, running, golf, tennis, cycling, snow sports, and many more. But let's think about running.

When it comes to choosing sunglasses for running you have to take into account several factors: weight, shape, adherence to the face and lens colors.

The weight

Regardless of the athletic "level" you are at, whether you are taking your first steps in running or you are already going to a marathon thinking about breaking your personal record, running takes effort. The effort increases if you carry extra weight on your face. If you wear heavy glasses for your running, besides being uncomfortable, it forces the cervical region. The ideal is to give preference to light models, like our Tokyo.

The lenses

Another essential to take into account for the use of sports, are the lenses. Protection against UV rays should be a priority when choosing lenses, but not only. In case the athlete practices his activity in environments with many reflective surfaces, it may be good to consider lenses with polarized filters, such as Tokyo. But if on the other hand the athlete is used to running in the evening, during sunset, it is more advisable to use blue lenses, more suitable for moderate light conditions, such as the lenses of our Uluwato. The athletes should think about the most common environments in which they run and realize what color is best adapted to the environment in question, allowing a sharper vision. 

As we have already noticed the different shades of lenses help in reducing the intensity of light. Due to the chromatic properties of each lens the spectral composition is changed, but the color perception is different from person to person. For this reason, the choice of the ideal colour for sunglasses is very personal. Wearers should, above all, choose the colours that make them most comfortable. 

The attachment to the face

The race, it's a fast-paced succession of steps. Little jumps, if you will. If we increase the pace, we increase the number of "jumps" and the impact with the ground gains more strength. Therefore, it is important to determine whether the glasses stick properly to the face and do not lose grip as sweat starts to appear on the face. The Tokyo model has a rubber coating that prevents the glasses from slipping. You should always look for this type of material to ensure fixation on your face.

The materials. Which is the best?

Every sport carries risks. These scratches can cause eye damage, and sunglasses can be another protection you have against these scratches. We should therefore think about the right materials when choosing your sunglasses for running. The general maxim here is, the lighter the glasses, the greater the comfort, which consequently tells us that materials such as polycarbonate and polyamide should be the number one choice. Materials such as metal or glass can cause injuries and are heavier than polycarbonate. Our Mavericks, Uluwato and Tokyo models are made of polycarbonate, so they are shock resistant and perfect for those looking for durability.

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