For the layperson of sports, it is natural to look at the glasses worn by cyclists and think that they are nothing more than something that helps to compose the style of those who ride bicycles. However, it is enough to think about the following situation to demystify this idea: what if a small stone jumps out towards the eyes? Without protection, our eyes can suffer serious injuries caused by the impact of these objects, but the use of glasses by cyclists goes beyond the question of safety. 

There's no point in having strong glasses that protect your eyes if you can't see anything and have no visual comfort. The lenses used by cyclists can be photochromic, smoked, transparent, polarised or yellowish, and each type of lens is best suited to a particular environment. For example, if you decide that the best place for your bike ride is a bush trail surrounded by trees that allow little light to pass through, then it may be best to opt for glasses with yellowish lenses. If, on the other hand, you prefer to ride on a bike path by the river or by the sea, it is best to opt for polarized lenses.

It's easy for those who don't wear graduated glasses to wear sports glasses, but the situation is not that simple for those who wear corrective glasses. All the protection and comfort is no use if you can't see the way ahead. But what can be done in these cases? Well, you can choose to continue wearing the graduated glasses without any extra care. This solution can be dangerous if the glasses are impacted, and you will be more concerned with holding the glasses to your face than with the sport itself. Some brands specialising in this type of sport already offer clip-on solutions. Clips on used in a casual context, in our everyday life, usually have a "base" of transparent lenses and a pair of tilting dark lenses, in the case of cycling goggles, the "base" is mostly dark lenses and it is possible to put a clip on with graduated lenses inside the goggles. 

How to choose cycling goggles?

As you may have already understood, safety and comfort are two very important dimensions that should not be overlooked. Wearing glasses while pedalling helps to avoid dust, stones, insects, branches and many other things that can be projected towards our eyes. There are several aspects that can help us make the right decision when trying to choose glasses for this sport. use on the bike. 

The Design

The design of the glasses has to be ergonomic and aerodynamic. Glasses for this type of sport must be able to remain fixed on the wearer's face, regardless of the bumps to which they are subjected. In addition to the fixation on the face, the lenses should cover as much area as possible to prevent dust and other debris from coming into contact with the eyes.


This is also about design, but it is a bit more specific. The glasses must have a good ventilation system. If the glasses don't "breathe" well, they will fog up thanks to the heat that the cyclist emits, caused by high physical activity. To avoid this problem, the ideal is to look for glasses that have air guides.


Opt for models that have adjustable parts, with rubber coating. These two variables help the contact points between the face and the glasses become more comfortable.


We have already mentioned the many types of lenses available for cyclists. In fact, the choice of lenses should be made according to needs. If the sportsman decides to ride on a cloudy day, light conditions will be reduced, it makes no sense to wear dark lenses. In this case a yellowish or orange lens helps to enhance the contrast of objects, which makes them easier to see. If the weather changes frequently, photochromatic lenses may be more appropriate as they can adapt to different light conditions. If you ride frequently in various conditions and locations, it is best to opt for glasses that allow you to change lenses.

Once again, glasses are an indispensable accessory for our protection, comfort and even performance improvement. Different characteristics must be taken into account in order to make a responsible and correct choice. Always try different models and brands to find the pair of glasses that best fits your needs.

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