Are you one of those people who, with the onset of winter, leave their sunglasses at home?

We'll give you 5 reasons to start wearing sunglasses even in winter! 

Not so long ago, wearing sunglasses during the winter was something reserved only for a brave few. Fortunately, today this habit has become something common and nobody turns their head when they see someone wearing sunglasses during the cold season.

This trend has become more and more widespread thanks to celebrities and movie stars, for whom the image is a working tool. The truth is that, often, putting on a pair of sunglasses, can be that touch missing to have the perfect look.

The aesthetic issue is important, but it is not the only advantage of wearing sunglasses on wintry days. Find out the benefits that should lead you to evaluate their use this winter.

  • 1. They protect against ultraviolet rays

They may argue that ultraviolet rays are not so present during winter because sunny days are also less. An idea that is wrong. Violet rays, even if they are not as strong as in the summer season, are still present and harmful, whatever the season.

This is the first and main reason to wear sunglasses with lenses that can protect your eyes from harmful sun radiation.

  • 2. They reduce glare

Who has never felt the excessive sunshine during the winter? There are days when the simple, innate gesture of opening ops eyes becomes difficult due to the intense brightness of the sun. This increases exponentially the dangers to which a driver is subject while driving.

Effects caused by rain on sunny days or reflections from puddles of water that populate the road after the rain, can impair the quality of our vision and bring with them the need for a good pair of sunglasses, preferably with polarized lenses.

  • 3. They protect against snow

Did you know that a clean, freshly fallen layer of snow has the ability to reflect up to 90% of UV rays? If you live in mountainous areas or are in the habit of spending holidays in the snow, you should choose the appropriate sunglasses. In certain circumstances, category 4 glasses are best suited for these situations. Always with a polarizer filter attached.

  • 4. A further protection against the wind

Windy days are most common during autumn and winter. The wind can carry dust and other debris with it, which when in contact with the eyes can cause inflammation, allergic reactions or lead to dry eyes and contact lenses.

Sunglasses act as a protective shield which you should not put on your side.

  • 5. Decreased eye fatigue

The pupils of our eyes dilate or contract in order to control the amount of light entering the retina. In certain situations where there is a reflection of light - be it due to water on the road or snow - the pupils may come into strain, causing fatigue to our eyes and headaches. With a good pair of sunglasses, you can reduce this effort considerably.

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