Have you thought about this? If the answer is yes, then know you're not the only one.

 Let's give you a brief explanation on how to balance your glasses with your eyebrows.

In a very simple way, the rules for achieving a good balance are as follows: do not cancel the eyebrows completely, but also do not use frames that follow the eyebrow line almost perfectly. This, however, is particularly important. By using a frame of sunglasses that follows the contour of the eyebrows, you are creating the illusion of a second eyebrow.

Whether your eyebrows are thin, light, dark or fuller, remember that they are indicators of facial expressions. Usually we can understand in an almost intuitive way when someone is frightened, amazed or in doubt, interpreting the way the eyebrows are placed. Don't let the sunglasses alter your facial expressions by covering your eyebrows completely.

For these reasons we should leave the eyebrows free to appear. Do not wear glasses that are too close to your face. If you do, sunglasses quickly become uncomfortable (having your eyebrows hairs rubbing against the frame is not at all comfortable) and your eyebrows are hidden. We can also mention the problem of breathing. Sunglasses if they are too tight to the apples of the face and the area of the eyebrow fog up much more easily.

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