As we already know, sunglasses are objects that make up one's style. But what if it's a bearded man? Do you think any sunglasses look good on him? We leave here some information that may be useful to men with hair on their faces!

Dark colors or light colors?

Dark colored frames generally match darker beard tones better. In the same way that lighter shades better match beards with the same shades.

The choice of thickness of glasses frames should also take into account the colours of your beard, following the same principle. Thick frames for dark hair. Thin frames for blondes and redheads.

The essential factor remains, however, the shape of your face. The more harmonious, the better it will look.

Square or rectangular lenses?

Do you have a short, trimmed beard? Maybe it's a good option to opt for a rectangular lens. However, if you have a bulky beard, square frames should be your option. Long beards or inverted rectangular beards, on the other hand, can work well with round lenses because they help to harmonize face shapes.

Mirror glasses and moustache

The mirrored glasses, are very typical of beach areas, and do not pass easily unnoticed. They are also a beautiful option for those who choose to use a mustache.

Long and bulky beard and hair

In recent years, hipster style has become quite common, with the beard and hair being practically one. In these cases, oversized glasses and glasses with coloured lenses and frames are a forbidden fruit. The oversized frames, can very unbalance the face of those who are adept of this style. They are too many elements for one face! Opt for a simple model, classic models and lighter and livelier shades.

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