Those who care about the fashion trends of the moment are always looking for the next big thing that will make up their style.

If you like to keep in your look some classic elements, a basic one you can't miss in your arsenal, is the Clubmaster frame.

Today we'll talk a bit about the historical course of these glasses that have returned to the trends in strength in recent years.

History of the Clubmaster Frame

In 1947, Shuron Ltd. conceived and created the first clubmaster model frame. As all that is successful ends up being pampered, after the launch of this frame, other brands produced models with a similar design. To get a clearer idea of the success this frame had, in the North American market alone about 16 million pieces were sold by 1971 - which represents half of all glasses sold in the USA. However, from the 70's on polycarbonate frames started to lose space to metal frames. This trend was eventually reversed in the following decade. 

From the screens of movie theatres, where the frame was used by the Stars, to the general public, when they began to be used by the common mortal, was a small step. From this moment on the frame was baptized Clubmaster.

Characteristics of the Clubmaster Frames

Clubmaster is a classic example of browline glasses, i.e. frames with the upper part resembling the shape of the eyebrows. With an unmistakable and incomparable style, the frame combines two materials: plastic and metal.

The lenses are attached to a thin metal frame, which is embedded in two pieces of acetate. United to them is the small piece of metal that serves as a base for protecting the nose and keeping the glasses well adjusted.

In general, the rods are also made of plastic and have a curve that provides the perfect fit behind the ear.

Rebirth of the clubmaster frame

At the beginning of the new millennium, models of clubmaster glasses of different styles and for all tastes began to appear. In fact, the model has been gaining space in series and movies and, of course, on the streets.

Without leaving aside its status as a retro accessory, this frame is still among the best selling in the world. Variations of this type of sunglasses are not lacking. Glasses with colored lenses, mirrored and polarized, are the most sought after. In addition to being used as sunglasses, this Browline style frame can also be used as graduated glasses.

Faces that match clubmaster glasses

Does the clubmaster frame match any kind of face? Well, although we can use some rules that help us to choose the most suitable model, some people like to remember that personal taste and comfort are above any criteria. However, those who have a face with a triangular shape, may have in this frame an "ally". The polycarbonate frame above the lenses helps to give some volume and balance the dimensions of the face.

So, did you enjoy meeting the clubmaster frame? If the answer is yes, take a look at our Washington model.

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