Many people have no explanation why the lenses begin to chip, create bubbles or if the lenses are colored, lose their color.

First of all, it's important to know that most lenses have an "expiration date". Some research indicates that the UV protection filter decreases its effectiveness over the years. On average this protection has a life span of about 2 years. Therefore, there is a need to change the lenses of glasses to maintain an effective protection.

Here we list 4 tips to help you maintain the lens protection of your glasses and increase the lifetime of your glasses:

1- As a way to ensure the quality and durability of your sunglasses lenses, the first care to take is handling and cleaning. The best thing to do is to clean the lenses with specific products for this type of material and a microfiber cloth. Cleaning the frame and lenses becomes even more important if they are in contact with sweat, pool or sea water for long periods of time. These substances are highly corrosive to glasses.

2- Always keep your glasses in the protective case. Sunglasses are delicate products and any impact can cause damage such as scratching or even breaking the lens or frame.

3- Avoid storing your sunglasses in high temperature places, even if they are inside the case. For two reasons: high temperatures cause UV protection to deteriorate faster and some frames may deform. 

4- Never, but never, put your glasses on your head! It is common for many people to use products in the hair, such as gels, lacquers, serums, waxes, conditioners and so on. These substances can cause problems in the lenses. You also run the risk of breaking the frame or losing some part of it.

These tips serve to prolong the life of your glasses as much as possible, but eventually it will be necessary to change your lenses. Alternatively, you can always buy a new pair of glasses with the UVA and UVB protection guarantee. All you need to do is visit .

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