It is not necessary to dissect the current situation of the country and the world to realise that the virus has greatly altered the world and national economy. For this reason, betting on Portugal, Portuguese products and brands, believing in our country and its potential, has perhaps never been so important.

Kurk Sunglasses is a national brand, with Portuguese capital. We have Portuguese glasses in our portfolio and we fulfill our tax obligations in Portugal. We work with international partners, but we give priority to our country's partners. An example of this is our partnership with Sociel, which manufactures handcrafted products installed in the north of the country and produces our Premium line. This is our greatest pride.

Portuguese sunglasses owe absolutely nothing to international brands. There is no reason not to buy what is made in our country. The quality, the production methods and the control of them have never been so well done. In turn, the design of the frames and their functionality, follow the best and latest practices of world markets, without compromising the necessary protection that the lenses must offer. Kurk Sunglasses is present at all stages of the process due to its proximity. Production monitoring is possible, and we have full control over the distribution of our glasses. But our mission does not end in this commercial partnership with Portuguese companies. Kurk believes that it also has a social responsibility towards society, which is why since its inception it decided to support the activity of Associação Acreditar.

 At this difficult time for most of us, choose Portuguese sunglasses, choose to support national brands, choose to help institutions are closer to us.

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