Children's eyes are in the process of development up to the age of twelve and are therefore more fragile than the eyes of an adult. For this reason it is not a surprise that the child's eye needs greater protection when compared to the adult eye. The little ones may not be very pleased with the idea, at least not at first, but we leave you some secrets that can help you choose the most suitable glasses for children.

Make sure you choose a pair of glasses adapted to your child's face and needs, so they won't stop wearing them later. The secret is to buy a pair of sunglasses that will make them forget you are wearing them!

Why are sunglasses indispensable for children?

UV exposure varies according to time of year, time of day, location and altitude. Cloudy skies or mild temperatures do not always mean less UV exposure. Sunglasses are indispensable for the safety of children's eyes for two main reasons:

  • Cristalino, which lies behind the iris, is not fully formed until the age of 12. Before that age, the eye does not have the tools to filter out all the UVA and UVB rays. Sunglasses, with 100% UV protection, ensure effective protection while preventing any premature deterioration of children's eyes.
  •  Children are still learning to identify situations where there is a danger to their physical integrity, i.e. a child has no real idea of the danger the sun poses to their eyes. Sooner or later, we risk finding them trying to look directly into the sun. This gesture is extremely dangerous, as it can cause burns to the retina if exposure lasts only a few seconds. 

100% UV protected cellulose tri-acetate lenses for maximum safety

First of all, know how to distinguish the UV protection index from the lens category.
The protection index of a pair of sunglasses is defined by the material that makes up the lens, while the category corresponds to the protection against chaining. Children's sunglasses must necessarily have 100% anti-UV lenses to fully filter out UV radiation.

Preference should be given to polarised lenses made of cellulose tri-acetate. Besides the lightness of the material, which helps them to forget that they have glasses, it also offers excellent protection against UV rays, even if reflected. It is also impact resistant.

Which lenses to choose? Category 3 or 4?

The lens category is associated with your colour. A category 3 lens can protect as well against UV rays as a category 4 lens. The difference between them is in the amount of light it allows to filter and the protection against glare.

Category 4 lenses filter out about 92% of visible light. Glasses within this category should only be used under very specific conditions. Most category 4 glasses are technical glasses.

Sunglasses for children in category 3 are ideal for outdoors walks and family activities, it is the most widely used category for children's glasses.

Try to instil in your child the habit of wearing sunglasses: offer them a comfortable model that they like. At the time of purchase, let him choose the model and colour... you will certainly want to: wear sunglasses like an adult!

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