Like almost everything in life, glasses start with an idea. These ideas can come from many sources of inspiration. From nature, a work of art, a film, an architectural work, a music or an almost infinite range of other elements. From this point, designers experiment with different ideas on paper, make sketches and use moodboards, until they get a concrete idea of the design they want for their glasses. 

There is also a business dimension to product design. Above all, a product, in this case sunglasses, serve to meet a need. That's why it's very common for designers to build an idea based on product managers' guidelines. Above all, sunglasses must meet what the consumer wants, which implies constant involvement between product managers and designers. From the idea to the launch of a new collection.

From sketch to prototype

Depending on each professional, the approach chosen is different. If the designer is a lover of retro fashion, it will be natural to look for inspiration in styles from the past. If the goal is to build a collection for children, maybe he will be inspired by memories he has or even children or other family members of child age.

Once the sketch idea is complete, you move on to the prototype phase. The creation of the prototype requires manual work and its manufacturing process depends on the material that is used. The next steps are to work on computer programs.

What materials are used to make the sunglasses?

There are several materials that can be used in the manufacture of sunglasses. From plastic to metal, the options are vast and varied. The frames of Kurk sunglasses are mostly made of injected plastic, metal or acetate. In the case of our acetate sunglasses, which are part of our handmade collection in Portugal, everything starts with the cut-out of acetate blades. The acetate is based on cellulose powder, which comes from dry and ground cotton, which is then treated and pressed into blades.

Our partner, SOCIEL, is a specialist in the manufacture of spectacles through acetate. The experience gained over the years makes SOCIEL a partner of excellence. By using ancestral methods in the manufacture of frames, it guarantees an absolutely incomparable quality. In the words of José Maria dos Santos Rodrigues, former employee and current manager of the Portuguese manufacturer, "Our glasses have only one defect, they last too long!

SOCIEL manufacturing

There are many approaches that can be taken in the manufacture of sunglasses. Each one as unique as the sunglasses that result from it. Due to the different creative and manufacturing approaches, a wide variety of results is possible for the consumer to choose from.

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