Have you ever noticed a number sequence on the stem of your frame?

Did you know that these numbers indicate the measurements of the sunglasses frame? Today we are going to explain the importance of knowing the measurements of the sunglasses frame, especially if you are thinking of buying glasses.

Knowing the sizes of your sunglasses frame will help (and a lot) in the process of buying new glasses. It will also save time, money and some headaches. Find out how you can find out the measurements of your glasses without turning your head.

On most sunglasses you can find a sequence of numbers on the stem. The numbers printed on the stem indicate, in millimetres, the measurements relating to the size of the frame of the sunglasses.

The first number, often separated from the others by a little square, indicates the size of the lens frame, i.e. the horizontal measurement of the lens width. This measurement is essential, especially for those who suffer from myopia or astigmatism and use prescription lenses, because the thicker the frame, the thicker the lens becomes.

como saber o tamanho dos seus óculos

Curiosity: there is a frame measurement indicated for each degree of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. 

The following number indicates the size of the bridge. When we talk about a bridge, we are referring to the frame that is on top of your nose. It is important to understand that the larger the bridge, the greater the distance between one lens and another. If the bridge is too big, the glasses don't stay fixed, and they start "walking" on our face from side to side.

Como saber o tamanho dos óculos de sol

The next and last measure is the largest, it indicates in millimeters the size of the rods. You can and should compare this measurement with the measurement of your previous glasses. This way you know if the glasses in question will fit your ear well.

If you do not have these measurements for the frame of your sunglasses, or if they have already been erased over time, try taking the measurements from the glasses with the aid of a ruler.

Position the ruler close to the frame rim that holds the lenses, on the bridge and on the rod. 

With this base, you can buy your sunglasses more quickly and satisfactorily on the internet, without having that little voice inside your head that says: "what if it is too big? If the frame you're thinking of acquiring has the same measurements, you already have a more accurate idea of how the glasses will look on your face.

On our website and many others, you can find these measurements in the description of the sunglasses.

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