Sunglasses are primarily a protection, but their aesthetic side should not be neglected either. It is normal to choose a model that we think is beautiful, but it is also important to know if the glasses are the most suitable for our type of face.

Understanding the shape of our face

There's a simple way to know what shape your face is. 

Put yourself in front of a mirror, at arm's length. Then, with the help of a marker or other accessory capable of tracing our face in the mirror, outline your face. When you are done you should have the shape of your face drawn in the mirror.

If you prefer, you can take out a selfie and draw on your mobile phone the line that delimits the face.

The faces can be round, oval, square, rectangular, "heart" or triangular.

Round face

The round face has no defined angles and tends to be wider in the cheekbones.

Generally, the most suitable glasses for round faces are those with sharp angles and straight lines. Rectangular, square or butterfly-shaped spectacles are the most suitable for this phenotype, with the purpose of leveling the facial dimensions.

People with a rounded face should choose glasses that are wider than their height. Models with solid frames, in materials such as acetate, are also indicated for these faces. Avoid wearing too thin frames, round lenses and glasses that cover your eyebrows excessively. 

Round face

Oval face

The oval face has wider lines on the cheekbones than on the forehead and chin.

We can say that this is the most "eclectic" face shape of all, because it allows the use of the most varied types of sunglasses, be they round, square, rectangular, butterfly or otherwise. Oval faces have harmonious proportions, and for this reason, models that do not look good to those who have this facial shape are rare.

Rosto oval

Square face

The square face is characterized by a prominent jaw and a wide forehead.

Once again the goal is to balance facial shapes and proportions. If our face is square it means that it has very sharp angles. Adding angles and straight lines to this facial shape will only cause an "overload" on our face.

Therefore, the ideal thing for those who have a square face is to opt for very wide, round or oval glasses.

Rosto quadrado

Rectangular faces

Rectangular faces are longer than their width. The cheekbones are the same width as the jawbone.

Like the square face, this shape has well-defined right angled shapes. It therefore makes sense for these angles to be balanced with more rounded vertices.

Large glasses should be chosen, with frames that help to shorten the face.

Rosto rectangular

Heart-shaped faces or inverted triangle

The heart-shaped faces have a wider forehead and a jaw with a pointed chin. Some faces of this type also have a detail in the hairline, which forms a small triangle in the centre of the forehead, accentuated more to the lines that resemble a heart.

Faces with a heart shape should look for glasses with frames that do not stand out too much. Glasses with a frame only on the upper side of the lens help to give more volume to this area, which is not ideal for this face shape as the area of the forehead is wider than the apples of the face. Thin, discreet frames are the most suitable.

We also recommend that you use glasses with a width equal to that of the face, not exceeding the side lines of the face.

Rosto em forma de coração

Triangular face

The triangular face is similar to the heart-shaped face. Usually this type of face has a wider jaw and narrows down to the forehead.

These faces ask for glasses with a width similar to the jaw, or even bigger. To compensate for the proportions of the upper part of the face, the glasses chosen must have a large frame, especially on the upper part.

Rosto triângulo

These are just small tips that can help you choose your sunglasses more satisfactorily and balance the dimensions and shapes of your face. Of course, the taste and style of each one is the primary factor in this choice process.

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