Getting your choice of sunglasses right is essential if you want to add style and elegance to your look. Each face has its own peculiarities, which can be highlighted or disguised in a different way. That's why it's important to know how to choose your sunglasses so that they harmonize your face. Today we speak of faces in the shape of a heart or inverted triangle.

What is a face with an inverted triangle shape, anyway?

The main feature of an inverted triangle face is that it is wider on the forehead than the jaw. In addition, the cheekbones are quite prominent and the cheek line becomes narrower as you head towards the chin. Remember, an inverted triangle.

Knowing what an inverted triangle-shaped face is, we can then see how the sunglasses can help balance these lines. The frame should add more width under the eyes as a way to compensate for the narrower chin. The thin, discreet frames with a width equal to or less than the width of the face also work well for the balance of this type of face. Let's give you some examples.

Cat's Eye

The Cateye frames, or cat's eye, became a success from the 50's, and are a great option to have a face in inverted triangle. But pay attention to one small detail. Don't choose a frame with the corners too stretched. The glasses should not go beyond the side of the face so as not to accentuate the width of the forehead any further. Take a look at our Coimbra model.

Cateye Kurk Sunglasses


It's a basic of all styles and wardrobes. Its upper part is straight and the frame slopes slightly to the sides. Slightly thinner on the underside, which perfectly balances with these kinds of faces. See our model Aveiro. What do you think?

Wayfarer Kurk Sunglasses


Used by global stars, flying sunglasses are on the list of frames that match perfectly with inverted triangular faces. Have you met the Évora model from our Premium collection?

Évora Sunglasses Kurk


Excellent for those who like discreet shapes, oval frames are also essential for those who have a face at heart. Its main advantage is that its rounded shape helps to harmonize the shapes of your user's face. Take the example of our Liverpool.

liverpool Sunglasses Kurk


These glasses with a slightly rounded top and square bottom are also a great choice. With a thin and elegant frame, they generate the feeling that the jaw is a little wider than it actually is. What do you think of our Washington?

Washington sunglasses Kurk

There is a wide range of options for those with an inverted triangle face. Now that you know which glasses match your face best, just choose your glasses. Think about what suits your personal style, but also the comfort this piece gives you.

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