When we spend many hours in front of the computer, our eyes and head may begin to suffer some discomfort, moreover, these days, remote work has become something normal in many people's lives and the workload to which some people have been subjected can leave the muscles of the face tense.

The concept of performing physical exercises to keep healthy also applies to our eyes. 

As we spend too much time in front of the screens of our electronic devices, the eye and face muscles become weakened and lose effectiveness, for this reason they must be exercised.

Everyone can do these exercises

Eye exercises are pretty easy. They can and should be done every day. However, it is important to stress that practicing these exercises, even on a daily basis, will not result in a cure of any visual problem you may have. But it can alleviate a lot, the inconveniences of everyday life.

We leave you only a few exercises that you can perform in the region of your eyes. All so that your eye comfort will be better and better.

Exercises for the eyes

1 - Looking everywhere

With your face static, just move your eyes up and down. Then to the right side and left side. Repeat these movements a few times for at least 3 minutes. This type of movement, especially for those who are too long focusing on a single point, helps to relax your eyes.

2 - Rotate the eyes

Once again, with your face still, look at all the senses in circular movements. Do this exercise for 10 seconds, repeating the process for 3 more times. This is an exercise to decrease the tension in the eye region.

3 - Muscle flexibility

Still with your face static, imagine the number 8 in front of you and outline it with your eyes. Make this move for a few seconds. This exercise will help with the flexibility of your eye muscles.

4 - Focus exercise

Place your index finger at eye level. Move your finger closer and further away from your face, following it with your gaze. Repeat the movement for ten seconds, three times. This exercise helps your eyes to focus at different distances.

The tips we left here are simple and have no contraindications. Try to introduce these exercises into your daily routine to achieve a sense of well-being and relaxation during the most tiring days of work.

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