"Has anyone seen my glasses?"

You've asked this question a few times in your life, haven't you? We all have. We put the glasses in a corner or put them on the table more by hand, and then nobody knows where he put the sunglasses. When we finally discovered that the glasses were sunk between two cushions on the sofa in the living room, we realised that the glasses had already gained another scratch on one of their stems and that they are a bit more crooked due to the pressure caused by the two hours we spent seeing Netflix on the sofa the night before. Of course, not everyone presents a similar level of distraction to the one who writes you this short text, but the situation I describe to you only serves to illustrate the importance of keeping our sunglasses properly.

Here's some advice for keeping your glasses protected and conserved so that they remain impeccable.

1- Store in a safe place

Don't act like the character in the story described above. Avoid leaving your glasses in inappropriate places. Whenever you are not using them put them in a case, preferably the one that came with the frame when they were purchased. Eyeglass cases are usually velour lined, which prevents scratches on the lens and frame and keeps the frame clean. Avoid using bags. And even inside the case, try to leave the glasses with the lenses facing up. Leave your case out of reach of children, sun exposure and moisture.

2- Don't leave your glasses exposed to the heat

A relatively common mistake is to leave the glasses inside the glove compartment of the car. A place that is extremely hot, especially during the summer. 
Exposure to sun and heat damages the frame, which is deformed and discolored. It is also harmful to the lens coating, which degrades very quickly. 

3- Repeatedly clean your sunglasses

This is the key to good glasses preservation. 

Clean the lenses with neutral Ph soap and water. Rub gently with your fingers and rinse the lenses under running water. Dry the lens with a clean cloth or a soft paper towel.

Never, under any circumstances, use cleaning products such as acetone, detergents or other chemicals that may damage the lenses.

4- The glasses protect your eyes, not your head

Glasses do not protect your hair or forehead. They protect your eyes.

By putting the glasses on your head, you run the risk of deforming the frame and wearing it out more quickly, not to mention the risk of falling. If you're not wearing your glasses, it's in the protective case.

5- Be careful when handling the glasses

Always hold your glasses with both hands. By putting them on and taking them off your face.

If you need to take them off, and you don't have the case with you, try to put the glasses closed on a flat surface where there is no danger of falling and with the lenses facing up.

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