Sunglasses are our greatest ally in protecting sight from UV rays. However this protection can vary depending on the colour of our glasses. Intuitively it is normal for people to think that the darker the lens, the higher the level of protection for our eyes. When in fact this factor is more connected to the comfort of the wearer and how useful sunglasses will be to you. The protection depends much more on the filters that the lens has included in its constitution, than the colour itself.

Understand a little better which lens colours are best suited for different types of activities and what distinguishes each one.


An excellent shade for those who suffer from tired eyes or even myopia. Brown lenses have a good contrast and do not alter the perception of colors. They are effective in different light conditions, which makes them very suitable for those who spend long periods of time driving. It also helps to filter out blue light.

If you are looking for glasses with greater than normal clarity, brown lenses are perfect for you.


An excellent choice for older consumers or those suffering from hyperopia. This color allows the shadows to gain some brightness and simultaneously reduce the brightness of environments with strong sun exposure. It can filter out blue light and is great for sports activities that require a strong contrast to the background, for example: tennis or golf.


Pink glasses improve depth perception and vision detail. This lens shade helps reduce eye fatigue and allows for greater contrast in low light conditions. They also provide optimal contrast between blue and green objects, although they can slightly distort other colours.


The gray lenses do not cause any kind of change to the real colors. This feature makes grey the ideal choice for those who drive for many hours. This colour of lenses is also recommended for those suffering from a condition called photophobia. This condition is related to light intolerance which causes great discomfort to those who suffer from it.


While blue lenses do not effectively reduce glare, they do reduce reflexes extremely well. They are able to absorb bright colours, especially red. They are not recommended for people with high sensitivity to light. They are great for those who like to go for walks in the evening, as they work very well in moderate sun conditions.

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