There is one variable common to all the electronic devices we use daily, the blue light. Experts have been looking at the impact this light has on our eyes. Especially for those with prolonged exposure and close proximity. How, then, can you protect your eyes from the harmful effects this light has?

Screen brightness

One of the most important and simple steps you can take is to adjust the brightness and luminosity of the screen. If you set these settings to balanced levels to match the needs of your eyes, you avoid extra effort and eye fatigue.

The same effort happens if you are in the habit of using your computer in spaces with little or no light.

Divert your eyes from the screen

Take regular breaks. If it is possible to look out the window and focus on distant points every 20 minutes. If you maintain long periods of exposure to the screen, your eyes become extremely tired. This is because there is a constant need to focus on images, videos and text that appear on our monitors. Taking regular breaks is essential. This way you can vary focus distances and lighting conditions.

An arm's length

Keep your distance from your computer. The computer screen should be at least 50cm from your eyes. at their height or preferably a little lower. Again, the key is effort management. By placing a screen too close to your eyes, you will make a greater effort to focus. Causing eye convergence and intraocular muscle contraction.

Maintain a correct posture

If you maintain a correct posture in front of the screen, you can ensure a correct distance from the monitor. The eye direction should form a diagonal down. Keep your neck straight and your back well against the back of the chair. Reposition the computer to ensure this posture.

Decrease exposure time to screens

Take some time to rest your eyes. Avoid as much as you can, exposure to the blue light of the screens. Persistent discomfort and dry eyes after spending long hours at the computer are the immediate consequences of eye fatigue and your eyes blinking less often than normal when in front of the computer.

Talk to an expert

Your optometrist can advise you on the best measures to protect your eyes and the most suitable care. No two cases are the same, so you should indicate what your daily habits are, so that you can be advised with customized solutions. The care for your eye health is not only the above mentioned. But these could be a good start.

Extra note: There are devices that have a feature that allows you to filter the blue light. If your computer has this option, activate it.

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