It is not an easy task to get graduated sunglasses and there may be numerous obstacles. It can happen that the glasses we like cannot stand the graduated dark lens, can become too expensive, or we just don't want to carry more than one pair of glasses in our daily lives. If you identify with any of the issues raised, then get to know clip-on glasses.

We've already addressed the challenges that graduated eyeglass wearers face when it comes to protecting their eyes from the sun, and the advantages that photochromic lenses can have for these people. Today we wrote about another good alternative to photochromatic lenses, clip-on glasses.

In 1950 James Dean, the mythical rebel without a cause, popularized clip-on sunglasses. Since then these kind of frames are a little "asleep". But the clip-on glasses, or if you prefer toggle-glasses, are coming back in force to the ride of the retro wave.

The glasses with clip on have two pairs of lenses: the fixed ones (transparent, graduated or not) and the detachable ones (the dark lenses that protect the eyes from the sun). The detachable lenses are fixed to the frame using the metal frame, and can operate through a magnet system or through hooks. The glasses with this type of frame, in addition to their versatility, are practical and allow greater visual comfort. 

The Budapest model from Kurk Sunglasses, uses the clip on system. Those who opt for this model can alternate between the transparent lenses (non graduated) and the dark polarized lenses. The tilting lenses can be found in 3 different colors, dark green, blue and pink.

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