The cat eye frame already has a long relationship with fashion lovers. Today, it is still the favourite model of many fashionistas and celebrities. And as the years go by, models gain traces of sophistication and modernity.

Today, there are several types of designs of this frame. Modern designs made especially for those with attitude. If you are one of those people, read this post and find out a little more about the frame!

History of the cat eye eyeglass frame

The cat-eye glasses started to gain fame around the 50's. They gained more prominence due to the movie "Breakfast Tiffany's". At the time, the frame was designed to leave the faces of the most feminine and elegant women. The female audience quickly fell in love with these glasses and conquered space in the celebrities' looks.

Evolution of cat eye glasses

Over time, people change their habits and tastes. The fashion industry has to keep up with this evolution. That's why the cat eye frame has gained more sophistication and elegance over the years.

Today, besides the more classic style, there are more rounded models and others more pointed. There are also shapes to be used as graduated or sunglasses. This diversity makes it the preferred model for many people.

Colors and types of cat eye glasses

Kurk Sunglasses has 3 models with cat eye frame. available in various colors. Everything depends on your preference and your skin tone. The darker people look very good with the caramel tones, since those with light skin can bet on darker frames.

We can find several different styles of this type of frame on the market. Rounder or more square frames are options for those who want to add a touch of charm and class to their style.

Ideal face type for cat eye frames

Like all glasses, the cat eye frame requires some care at the time of choice, because you must harmonize your preferences with a model that suits you. With the necessary attention, it is possible to combine this model with almost any face shape.

If you have a rounded face, prefer frames with little color, so that the cheeks are less prominent. Also choose more square cat eye frames. It helps to balance face shapes.

If you have a slimmer or more square face, your choice should go through rounder frames. If you have an oval face, choose whatever you want, the odds are that all models will look good on you.

Is the cat-eye frame for me?

This frame is simply perfect for those who love to squander style. You need attitude and confidence to use cat eye frames! They're also a great option for those who want to vary and get out of the ordinary.

If you're thinking of having this kind of glasses, follow the tips above and choose a model that matches your face shape and skin colour. But the main thing is that you feel good with the glasses. It's no use buying glasses you don't like, right?

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