You want to know how to end the scratches on your sunglasses without spending money? Find out 5 steps to take the scratches out of your lenses.

Our quarantine is over! Summer is no longer that far away and many have taken advantage of the last few days to kill their sun longing. Many are already thinking about what their summer will be like this year and thinking maybe it's better to buy some new sunglasses (from Kurk, of course). However, there are always those who prefer to keep their old sunglasses, with the lenses already covered by various scratches. It is for those who do not have in their plans to buy a new pair of sunglasses, that we write today. We have a trick for you that can help you to put an end to the superficial scratches and scratches on your lenses.

1- The first step is to clean the glasses with a microfiber cloth, as a way to remove any kind of dirt.

2- In the next step, take a small amount of toothpaste and apply it to the lenses. The paste must not be gel or bleach, the purpose is to disguise the risks is not to make the situation worse. Toothpastes have micro-abrasive properties that help remove small scratches.

3- Spread the paste with circular movements using your fingers for 5 minutes.

4- Put some warm water in a container and soak the glasses to remove the toothpaste.

5- If you have cotton balls and some haste, use them to dry the lenses. But the safest thing, is always to let it dry naturally on top of a towel. If the risks persist, start the process again.

And that's it! You can use your sunglasses again as if they were new and enjoy the sun with your eyes well protected!

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