One issue that has recurred throughout this pandemic is the use, or non-use, of masks for personal protection. 

A relatively normal reality in some Asian countries, previously due to pollution and now due to VOCID-19, but which in European countries had no "tradition". For many months, the scientific community has been unable to reach a consensus on this issue. In recent days, it seems that some agreement has finally begun to be reached on personal protective masks. The European Centre for Disease has admitted that the best practice will be the widespread use of masks in enclosed spaces, and the portuguese General Directorate of Health (DGS) has also opened doors to this practice.

If you have tried using a mask or a simple scarf that covers your mouth while wearing glasses, you have realised that the warm air we breathe out goes directly into the eye area. This causes the lenses to fog up instantly. What can we do in these cases? The truth is that there is no infallible home solution, but we can lessen the impact of this problem.

Use a "flexible nose" on the mask

If you are thinking of making a homemade mask, you can create this "flexible nose" through a hairpin or wire that easily adapts to the shape of your nose, and place it inside a bag on top of the mask. You can also insert a folded tissue into this mask bag so that the paper absorbs moisture.

flexible nose

Using a tissue

The logic is the same as the previous tip, if you place a tissue, paper or cloth, on top of the mask and fold that area as a way to hold it, it helps absorb the moisture from our exhalation. Make sure that by folding the mask you do not leave other parts uncovered that should be protected.

Wash your glasses with soap and water

Washing your glasses with soap and water and letting them air dry can help reduce fogging, according to a 2011 study by the Royal College of Surgeons of England. If you choose this solution, know that the effect lasts only a few hours. Then you will need to rewash your glasses to get the desired protection and effect.

Wash with water and soap

Put the glasses on the tip of your nose

If the glasses are in their usual position, next to the face, they are directly in the trajectory of the warm air coming out of the mask. Simply move the glasses to the tip of your nose, and you'll deflect the lenses from that trajectory of air. Visual comfort is not ideal and may not work for many people, but it's another suggestion.


Avoid side vents in the mask, as the main advantage of wearing a mask is isolation of the mouth and nose area. If you leave side room for air to escape, you may be compromising your safety and that of others.


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